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About Us

About Us
The History Of Spruce Studios.

Spruce Studios was formed over 30 years ago and is based in the heart of the beautifully picturesque Devon countryside. We rapidly became well respected and known for our quality and value for money, not only in post production, but the filming, arrangement and directing of full scale productions. We operate strictly on a freelance basis, which means we have no high production costs. We employ only the staff we need to make your production special, and of course we cater exactly to your needs. Richard comes from a Sales and Marketing background, whilst Heather’s background is in Sciences & Technology, and both of us enjoy photography and the art of Film Making. All editing, graphics and voice overs are completed in house. We use the latest digital technology, both in filming and editing.
We cater for both the UK market and we have also worked on numerous international projects as far away as America, South Africa, Australia and the Far and Middle East. Our growth area is in producing short films of Garden Railways. We have extended our interest beyond the making of railway films by building our own 5 inch gauge garden railway which operates within the grounds of Spruce Studios.
Our passion for delivering a professionally finished product remains utmost at all times, from the filming, through to the editing, packaging and distribution. Second best for us simply does not do. The BBC acclaimed presenter and voice over artist, Bob Symes, who passed away in early January 2015, had worked with us in partnership on our railway productions and presented on numerous productions. His help, advice and support was much appreciated and will be sadly missed by us and all rail enthusiast.
Spruce Studios are proud to announce as special guest narrator Gillian Blake. Her Storytelling techniques, Delivery, Professionalism and knowledge were key to this production, and we thank her for her involvement and look forward to working with her on future productions.
Developments at Spruce Canyon Railway.
Richard and Heather Productions
Spruce Close, Exeter, Devon, EX4 9JU

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Specialise in Travel and Transport
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